Aerial pilates, Aerial vinyasa and Arial yin yoga are all possible at Shape all in

What is Aerial Pilates?

Get ready for deep full body conditioning with this new class that combines the best of Pilates, Barre and high intensity training.This powerful and energetic core workout uses body leverage resistance training with an aerial hammock for deep muscle strengthening. Transform the way you feel with this ultimate aerial Pilates workout.

What is Aerial yoga?

Within Shape all in we offer 2 different kinds of aerial yoga:

Aerial yin yoga

Relax your body, lengthen muscles, and decompress joints with gentle, yin yoga, postures and supported inversions.  Release tension and still your mind through various meditation techniques.
This yin yoga class utilizes a low & medium height aerial hammock to assist your practice.

Aerial vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa class that combines the classical asanas with the heritage of the yoga philosophy.
A dynamic yoga practice done with the aerial hammock that offers body leverage, functional training and decompression to bring the body to balance.
Open a world of exploration to your standard yoga practice.


Requirements for the classes:

  • Towel
  • Fitted clothes armpits and knees must be covered. Clothing must have NO zippers
  • Socks with grib
  • No jewelry

We advise participants to arrive 10 min before the start time of a class.