pradeep mathews

pradeep mathews

Pradeep Mathews

Just like in all aspects of life, your training should focus on progression over perfection

Acerca de pradeep mathews

Personal Trainer/Physiotherapist and Fitness Coach

Hoi! My name is Pradeep Mathews and I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. It was here that I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and worked in the field in sports and rehabilitation. Eager for a new experience, I choose to relocate to Amsterdam to complete my physiotherapy education. I believe that by combining the knowledge and experience of these two programs I possess the skills to approach your health and fitness in a comprehensive manner.

Whether it is general fitness, injury prevention or sport specific training that you are looking for, I will work with you to reach your goals. With my knowledge and experience, I possess a strong understanding of the body’s anatomy, physiology and factors that improve recovery and promote long term health. I approach training in the most functional way with the goal of making you move more efficiently.

If you have any questions regarding your health or fitness, feel free to contact me via phone or send me an email. I look forward to meeting you soon!

  • Kinesiologist- Brock University 
  • Physiotherapist- Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
  • Certified Personal Trainer- NSCA 
  • Medical Taping Certificate- Curetape
  • Functional training
  • Strength and Hypertrophy training
  • Weight loss training
  • Sport-specific conditioning
  • Coaching


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