Alvaro Tapia



Let me motivate you

Be smart! Be prepared! Be consistent! Be confident! Be motivated! And most importantly, be sure of yourself in everything you do!

I will help you to improve these aspects in your workouts but also in your daily life.
Train healthy, with physical and mental results!
During training, be aware of the Biomechanics of your body, and understand the affect of each exercise on your body. When you are aware of the importance of this, you will improve yourself every day. Make your training more effective and improve the quality of your life. Be Healthy and feel good about yourself!

I consider myself a "physical condition" trainer. I will put all my energy into reaching your goal! You decide what to focus on, such as on competition, a physical change, or on your health.
When focusing on competition like obstacles, races, or training for your favourite sport, I’ll develop with you a customized training based on these specifications, plus your special needs.
I’ll help and support you psychologically - either during indoor or outdoor training or even during online coaching. In this way we’ll reach our mutual goal.
Getting you where you want within this competition is what I am standing for!

If your goal is a physical change, we’ll create a special training adapted to you and your daily life. Whatever it is - increasing your muscle volume, loosing weight or for example to improve your endurance, I’ll advise you about nutrition and teach you other practical tricks, which can help you reach your goal. 
If you choose to focus mainly on your health during pregnancy or after an injury or an operation I can help you with special training programs which will work on your posture, your technique and any other physical issue that will improve your daily way of life.

I have completed courses for training with pregnant women. I am also educated in the development of training-programs for people with different types of cancer. 
These specific trainings for your physical health will be the main focus and we will concentrate on the improvement of this.

I have special experience with KRM Kinesiology, muscle massages, training with Olympic exercises, Kettle bell, Cross-fit, HIIT, BodyCombat and High Intensity Body Weight Training.

Ik spreek Nederlands, Engels en Spaans

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