Vinyasa yoga, Strong core yoga, Gentle yoga, Hatha, Yin en Yin yang yoga vind je allemaal bij ons op het rooster. Gegeven in onze yogastudio door zeer ervaren yogi's

Wat is Yoga

Waarbij ademhaling & beweging in een aaneengeschakelde serie beoefend worden. Uitgebalanceerde oefeningen, die kracht en souplesse ontwikkelen waardoor je geestelijke en lichamelijke spanning los kunt laten, sterker en flexibeler wordt.

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga focuses on the balance between exertion and relaxation. Poses alternate between dynamic and static positions and improve strength, balance and well-being. Hatha yoga brings the body and spirit in balance by combining physical poses with controlled breathing, which reduces stress and promotes relaxation. Contracting and releasing the muscles helps to purify the body of waste products and other harmful chemicals and reduces the pain caused by strains. The various poses and breathing exercises make the body flexible and supple and have a positive effect on the nervous system, glands and other important organs.

Vinyasa yoga

This type of yoga is also known as flow yoga because of the way in which one pose gradually and smoothly flows into another. Vinyasa means 'breath-synchronised' movement and involves moves that are performed to the rhythm of breathing. Vinyasa yoga enhances physical and mental strength, concentration, flexibility and stamina. Classes are available for both complete beginners and advanced yogis.

Strong vinyasa flow & Gentle vinyasa flow

Strong vinyasa flow is the advanced form of the vinyasa yoga while the Gentle vinyasa will be more relaxing. "a present to yourself"

Yin yoga

Unlike dynamic forms of yoga, the object of Yin yoga is not to strengthen muscles but relax them. Poses are held longer and flexibility is developed at deeper levels. This type of yoga focuses on repairing the back and deep connective tissues and making them more flexible and supple. Yin yoga involves elements of mindfulness and has a meditative and calming effect.

Yang yin yoga

Yang yoga is een actieve vorm van yoga en Yin yoga een passieve vorm waarbij langere tijd een houding wordt vastgehouden. Yin-yang yoga combineert deze vormen, het gaat om de balans tussen de twee. Alle lichamen zijn uniek en het laten stromen van onze chi of prana zijn de peilers van deze les.

Strong Core flow

A poweryoga with the focus on the core.

Gentle Vinyasa Flow of gentle Hatha yoga

It focuses on breathing and stretching to achieve stillness and more awareness of the body. Intended to be calming and to reduce stress.
This practice unblocks stuck areas and help to naturally improve whole body circulation.
You may do standing postures, forward bends, and low-impact backbends, in addition to seated stretches. Suited for all levels, perfect for beginners!

Guided meditation

Is the perfect way to start your day! We are going to practice focusing our attention to here and now.
Trough guidance you will be thought a meditation technique which will allow you to go within and explore ways to enter into a state of deep relaxation and inner stillness.
It's one of the most powerful ways to eliminate stress and bring about positive personal changes.
Suited for all levels, no meditation experience needed.

HIIT yoga

In 45 minuten een intense work-out met gebruik van het lichaamsgewicht, afgewisseld meet yoga-stretch oefeningen. Jump-squats, lunges zorgen voor de explosieve kracht en de verhoogde hartslag, de yoga oefeningen voor de rust en stretching.Een les waarbij een basis conditie een vereiste is

Nidra yoga 

Yoga Nidra or "yogi sleep" is a sleep-like state.
Yoga Nidra is similar to lucid dreaming in which the deepest possible state of relaxation is experienced while still remaining conscious.
During a Yoga Nidra our body rests completely and after a session of 45 minutes we feel relaxed as if we had slept for three to four hours.