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Lose and maintain weight healthily

Achieve permanent results with the Shape Fitcoach lifestyle challenge

Would you like to lose weight, but aren't sure how to do it or do you find that the kilos always fly straight back on again? If so, why not take part in the lifestyle challenge? The results are permanent because the program focuses on teaching you how to live a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, diet and mental fitness are key. This program is run by Mira, a qualified lifestyle coach, weight consultant, nutrition expert and fitness trainer.

Next course starts April 8

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The programme

The Shape Fitcoach lifestyle challenge is a 12-week programme consisting of twelf meetings and five workshops. During the challenge, you will learn how to exercise optimally to lose weight and you will be measured and weighed too. An activity monitor will be used to monitor your exercise activity 24/7 and you will also receive personal coaching, designed to improve your ability to exercise. We give you insight into and advise you on how to improve your diet. Your eating patterns will be analysed and we will look at the influence that stress and relaxation have on your eating behaviour. During the meetings, we will discuss your challenges and experiences and help you find solutions for them. You will also have access to your own portal, where your progress will be recorded and that can be used to keep in touch with other people who are doing the programme with you. 


New participants                     € 260.00                               
Members                                 € 245.00                                

* May be covered by your healthcare insurance, depending on which package you have

Introduction session
Come along to the Shape all in information day to find out more about the lifestyle challenge and to ask any questions you may have. You could win a free place on the program!

Would you like more information?

Send an e-mail to info@shape-all-in.nl.
You can also call Mira: 06 53809261


Bianca: "Losing weight was really difficult. I found it hard to cope with the weight fluctuations and the fact that I couldn't really see any 'progress'. Luckily, my trainer keeps an eye on everything with me, because of which my body fat percentage has continued to fall. I'm just about to start the 11th week. I haven't cheated once, but have gone to the fitness centre three hours a week every week and I've lost 7.3 kilos as a result. My body fat percentage has fallen by 8%. I'm very happy and I feel good too!"

Patricia: "I started Body Support last year and have now lost almost 30 kilos. I'm literally losing centimetres off my body every week and my fitness levels are improving. I'm so keen that I've now even started a running programme with my two sons. It's getting easier and easier.”

Ruud: "After losing about 13 kilos and buying a whole new wardrobe of clothes, I'm now doing the follow-up course with my wife.”

Hannelore: "I'm almost 30 and I've been playing sport all my life. It's important to me to have a healthy lifestyle and a good figure. I've been doing the lifestyle programme since last year. Although the PT sessions are intensive - this increases every week - they are a lot of fun too. The training programme is very diverse too, which makes it even better. I am really pleased about the results I have achieved so far.”