Terms and conditions

Membership Rules and Terms.

  1. The data entered in the input columns shall be valid between the parties as sole and exclusive proof unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing. The data can not be derived from any other rights than those relating to the membership of Shape BV.
  2. Shape BV is entitled at any time to change the opening/usage times, layout and rates of the Shape-all-in center. Price changes will not affect current subscriptions and subscription holders will apply for the first time with a new period. For monthly subscriptions per first of the next term, for yearly subscriptions per 1st of the following year. The changes provided by Shape BV will take effect from the moment Shape BV disclose this way. Either via newsletter, facebook, website and indoor posters.
  3. FREE subscriptions are closed for a certain period of time. They have no registration costs and do not need cancellation.
    Monthly contracts from Shape BV are concurrently contracts. 6 Months or 12 months contracts are closed for 6 or 12 months and will continue after this period as a monthly subscription. Cancellation of these contracts can take place 30 days before the end of the 6 or 12 months, or any month after that. The costs associated with these contracts are met by direct debit. 
    Year and Month contracts always start on the 1st of the following month after registration. On registration, from date of subscription to date of start (1st of the next month), can be paid separately if you wish to use Shape from registration day. This will be paid with any entry fees, by cash or pin.
  4. Cancellation can be made, at the latest, by the 21st day of the month, prior to the last month of training filling in the form on the contact page.
    After the cancellation of subscriptions, registration fees must be repaid whit a new subscription.
  5. If it is not possible for us to collect the amount owed by you then we reserve the right to charge you handling fees and/or to deny access until the amount due is met. Administration fee for this will be charged. 
  6. Contracts cannot be terminated, in contract time, without medical reasons (with doctor's statement), except for the Flex-monthly contracts. These contract can be stopped through the Sportivity app.
  7. Suspension in case of pregnancy or accident can be free of charge for all contracts. A doctor's statement is required for this and you can email or hand in at the reception. info@shape-all-in.nl
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  9. Shape BV has the right to take action and offer discounts. Actions and rebates will never apply to current subscriptions. The subscription holders can not derive rights.
  10. The use of all facilities of Shape BV is entirely at your own risk. Shape BV disclaims any liability for damage resulting from accidents, theft, fire or any other incidental damage unless this is due to her intent or gross negligence. Damage caused by you to our goods/inventory will be refunded by you or your insurance. 
    Shape all-in has lockers for which you have to bring your own padlock. We advise you to leave all your items in your locked safe during your training or sauna visit. For loss or damage to items, we are not responsible. After the training, you must leave your safe empty.
  11. You should train with clean training clothes, with a towel to protect equipment from sweat and clean training shoes (not used outside). The sauna is visited without clothes, underwear is prohibited. For the use of the sauna, be sure to take a shower and before go into the sauna. 
  12. Shape BV reserves the right to change the opening hours for cleaning, furnishing, repair, holidays or other motivational reasons, but will notify its members in advance.
  13. Shape BV is entitled, if necessary, to amend and/or supplement the present and regulations. 
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  15. The members' data is strictly confidential and used solely for the newsletter, MywellnessApp and administration of Shape BV. For more information, see our privacy statement
  16. Upon signing our registration form you agree to;
  • The terms and conditions as stated here.
  • I am familiar with the cancellation rules for my subscription.
  • The agreement relates only to the activities mentioned and the associated duration and price, unless explicitly determined, the membership is strictly personal and not transferable.
  • I am obliged to fill out the Shape bv questionnaire and to submit any changes during membership in good time.