Running Solutions

Running Solutions is a sports medical center for the running person, in whatever sport. We help athletes to develop an efficient and healthy running style so that the chance of injuries is kept to a minimum. In the case of injuries, we ensure the fastest route to recovery. We do this for runners, sprinters, soccer players, hockey players, basketball players, handball players, korfball players and any other sport where running plays a role.

At Running Solutions, we approach the athlete in an individual and holistic way. We look at the entire picture of running style, injury history, work situation and other factors to offer customized treatment or coaching, tailored to your unique physique and life situation. Our mission is to make you run faster, stronger and longer. By improving your stability and technique and by tracing the underlying cause in the event of injuries, we bring you to your top level.

We believe that every person can run injury-free and painless, provided that it is done properly. Running Solutions is happy to help. You can come to us for injury treatment, running analyses, and a customized running schedule.

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