The best indoor bikes, the KEISER bikes supported by SPIVI app & software and a large video screen, ensure a next level indoor cycling experience.

SPIVI CYCLING - our spinning concept.

The best indoor bikes, the KEISER bikes supported by SPIVI app & software and a large video screen, ensure a next level indoor cycling experience.

By cycling exactly at the right wattage you will get the best results from the classes, not cycling to 'die', but to improve leg strength and condition. With the right balance of work and rest you will achieve results very quickly. And, important for the cyclists amongst us, a lot of the workout data can be collected in your personal app.

The possibilities that the combination of a Keiser bike with the Spivi gives, makes it much more fun to train! Think about, for example,

RIDES: cycle along a tour and follow yourself on the big screen
RACES: cycling against each other or other clubs for a good cause
CHALLENGES: whoever cycles best according to the trainer's guidelines and many more options.

Shape offers different types of lessons:

SPIVI RUSHa  short (30 minute) cardio lesson

SPIVI RYTHM : the music is leading, data gives you handles and the instructor takes you on a motivating lesson. Fun & progression in these 55-minute lessons are key!

SPIVI RACE :you set a goal for yourself and data is important. This lesson is for the professional and fanatic cyclist. Lots of data to measure progression. 55 minutes of cycling on power (wattage) and endurance

SPIVI FLOW: Worried that you can't sleep after a "late-night spinning class"?
That's not necessary anymore! Shape-all-in introduces Spivi Flow. A 40-minute Cycling class with the peak in the first part of the lesson, followed by a Yin-yoga-like stretch lesson to relax body and soul in the second part of the lesson. You have the advantage of the cardio-strength workout together with the guided stretches and meditation that will bring you into a Zen state. You will sleep like a baby.

Benjamin is a certified cycling trainer, as well as a yin yoga and Nidra yoga trainer


A lesson in which you alternate between cycling and power exercises.
It is a challenging class and you choose your own level.Do you want to combine strength with intense cardio and endurance? Then this lesson is for you! We combine strength training supersets with cycling on the Keiser bikes.
Get motivated by the trainer, train at your own level, burn a good sweat, burn calories, get stronger and improve your fitness.
This class has it all!


- Best indoor bike in the world. State of the art in power based training and indoor cycling
- The power meter is the most accurate power meter in the market
- All the bikes get calibrated automatically after they've turned off


- App made to track your training and performance
- Every 6/7 weeks you do a test to adjust your fitness level so you can track your progression.
- After each workout, you can receive an email with the results and in the app you can check all your data.

Make sure you are ready, download the SPVI app, create an account and take your phone to class to pair your bike.

Spivi for Iphone:
Spivi for Android :

FTP test weeks (in these weeks we do the FTP testing)

29/07 – 4/08
16/09 – 22/09
28/10 – 3/11
9/12 – 15/12