In this lesson you will learn various pole dancing techniques, floor work and choreographies. For all levels, for those who want and dare to shine!


"Pole dancing is more than strength and flexibility; It's about confidence, growth and progress. Gain complete control of your body and impress yourself with abilities you never thought you had."

"Expose your confidence and self- belief from the heart.
Pole dancing is not just about strength, but more about feeling your own sensation, dance like you´re your own superstar.
In this class, you will learn different pole tricks on the static pole, floor work and small choreographies."

For all levels, for those who want and dare to shine!


Pole fitness®, which is practised at Shape-all-in, is a complete workout developed to develop a better figure, a better condition, more (muscle) strength, but also more self-confidence.
During a Pole fitness® workout many muscle groups are trained, both in a muscle-strengthening way and in terms of muscle endurance.

The lessons continue to be a fun challenge for yourself due to the varied dance and pole techniques.

The Pole fitness® workout is suitable for anyone who wants to become stronger, fitter and more flexible, but also wants to experience fun while exercising.
The program offers a perfect structure and composition of techniques in levels so that everyone - regardless of sports background - can start this challenge in a safe and feasible way. The workout is therefore accessible to everyone.