Shape’s birthday and we are going to celebrate

August 31, 2019

A well known Shape party up to 12:00 AM (to stay friends with the neighbor’s) We hope to see many old and new faces, catch up and celebrate that we’ve been doing this for 35 years.


5:30 pm to 7:30 pm STAFF-STAFF-STAFF

staff. & old staff from Shape- Suncentre- Strand West

We start with our (former) staff and we mean everyone who has ever worked at Shape, Strand West or the Suncentre. We hope to see many familiar faces and to hear beautiful stories. We are ready for it, you too? Then quickly buy your discount ticket in the shop. NOW on sale for you via the following link.
Tickets provide access, a famous shape satay, beer, soft drinks and wine.

19:30 – 24:00 hrs (former) members + potential members (see below)

The doors will open again and hopefully, we see many members and former members coming in. Great to celebrate this beautiful moment together and to dance together again at a Shape party.
Tickets 12, – * provide admission and unlimited beer, soft drinks and wine. For tickets click here.
Would you really like to bring potential members of Shape? For them you can buy a ticket for 17, – *. Of course also incl. Access and drinks. Click here for these tickets.
* excl. 0.80 ticket shop costs
8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Old tunes with funky groovy tunes in the mix.
Deephouse, disco, techhouse, soulhouse and house classics
11:00 PM -12:00PM
Lounge it out, let the neighbors go to bed, we will have a last drink and say goodbye until  the next party.
C U on August 31st , we are really looking forward to it.
p.s Do you want to be informed about nice updates & party preps, share some old stories or photos? Then sign up with our Shape  Shape 35 year FB groep