Running Solutions

Running Solutions

Free advice all day long to improve your performance or to make a great start

Running Solutions is the specialist in running and triathlon injuries within Amsterdam and surrounding areas.
In practice, we only work with runners and triathletes of all levels, from all over the world. ……

From Olympier to the last in the league. All come into practice with us.

What can you expect from us during the Healthday?

We believe that everyone can run injury-free. Almost all injuries during running are overloaded (too much, too fast, too hard). Many of these injuries can be prevented by a good running technique. That is why we offer a running analysis where we take a good look at your running pattern.

What does a running analysis entail?

-A video of your running pattern where you can look at your running style frame by frame
-Personal advice so that you can get started right away with improving your technique.
-Current injuries can be explained by the way you walk! Be sure to come by if you have a running injury.
-Prevent future injuries by tackling incorrect patterns early.
After the analysis, the personal video with feedback will only be available online for you.

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