Tourist or Try us out? 

1 Day pass (17,50), 1 Week pass (41,00), 2 Weeks pass (62,00), 1 Month pass (89,50) or buy 11x training in 3months 137,50.

Free lancer, entrepeneur? 

Make use of our Business contract and check your tax reduction. You'll save money while getting fitter. Click here for more info.

Become a long term member and get discounts on the monthly fee. Registration fee incl pass 32,50 /Cancelation term 1 month, after set term
Choose what fits you best. First time in Shape all in, register online if you wish


from € 59,95 per month


Train on from until
ma-do 06:30 22:45
friday 06:30 21:45
saturday 08:15 16:45
sunday 08:15 16:45

After the set term, the contract continues monthly

all in prices

Period Price per month
ALL IN Flex *1 month € 69,95
All in minimum 6 months € 65,00
All in minimum 12 months € 59,95


from € 52,00 per month


Train on from till
ma-do 08:45 16:00
friday 08:45 16:00
saturday 12:45 17:00
sunday 12:45 17:00

After the continues set term, the contract continues monthly

compact prices

Period Monthly prices
COMPACT Flex * 1 month € 59,95
All in 6 months € 55,00
All in 12 months € 52,00


€ 39,00 per month


Train on from till
ma-do 11:45 16:00
friday 11:45 16:00
saturday NOT NOT
sunday NOT NOT

budget price

Period monthly fee
1 month € 39,00


from € 120,00 per month

For companies and health interventions. Included: Bodyscan, fittest and personal intake. Every 3 months a evaluation en Bodyscan. We work together with intervention coaches and health managers to make sure employees stay focused, motivated en goals will be reached.

After the set time this contract continues for the same period
Subscription fee € 32,50 (Pass included)

vitaal+ prices

Periode Prices per period
6 months € 130,00
12 months € 120,00


Always use a towel when training.
Entrance to gym ONLY with shoes NOT worn outside.
Bring your own padlock for the lockers
Reservation by APP, max 1 a day.
Want to do a group lesson? Make sure you are one time, 5 minutes before the lesson starts


Flex contract, a monthly contract based on:

Shape basic contract 6,- *
ALL IN flex contract 63,95 or 53,95 Compact flex version. Total price 69,95/59,95

This Flex contract can be paused every month, at the end of each month. Cancelation term minimum 5 days befor the end of the month.
Use the form on the website, you will get a confirmation from us.
No administration fee needed, because your basic contract will continue

The basic contract = 6,- a month (does not give access to the gym)  

1. Permanent membership as a basis for flex contract or outdoor programme   
2. Special training schedule in the app during the off period, made by our trainers  (made during your Flex contract period)
3. Every 3 months an online coach moment met Shape all in Coach  (trough Shape app)
4. Membership discount on all IAMFIT events.
5. Possible to connect with an outdoor program