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Hurray, you're pregnant! Congratulations!

During pregnancy, it is, of course, extra important to be fit, relaxed and well prepared.
A pregnancy and delivery is an intense experience for you and your body. Your joints and muscles become more loaded and change in structure. Your back, stomach and pelvic floor muscles, in particular, have a hard time. And after the pregnancy, you want to be able to pick up your old (or new) life again.

And that's why Shape-all-in  ZwangerFit  (PregnantFit)  is for!

ZwangerFit  is an active, contemporary form of pregnancy guidance with a preventive character for the pregnant and post pregnant woman tailored to your own level. The course is given by a physiotherapist with a certified qualification to become a ZwangerFit trainer/coach.

ZwangerFit stands for being Fit and staying fit, both physically and mentally.

A healthy lifestyle with responsible physical activity has many advantages during pregnancy. Complaints and fatigue can be prevented or reduced, you feel fitter and your recovery after giving birth is often faster and better. That not only benefits you and your baby but also your whole family.

Do you want to join?

Participation is possible from 12 weeks of pregnancy (so also later).
You can start every week.

ZwangerFit  is meant for every woman who wants to prepare for a delivery in a fun, sportive and responsible way or wants to recover from the delivery.
As a first timer who wants to follow the theory, as well as the woman who has previously been pregnant and only wants to participate in the physical training.

What do u get in ZwangerFit?

ZwangerFit    consists mainly of active lessons with a fixed structure. In the lessons, the emphasis will be on maintaining fitness, strength, stability , coordination and relaxation.
ZwangerFit  therefore has a clear preventive character.

In addition to the active part, the course also consists of a theory section with the following topics:

    The pelvis and pelvIC FLOOR during pregnancy
    The unlocking phase and exit phase
    Breathing exercises and techniques
    Press positions and pressing techniques
    The maternity period
    The partner lesson; in which the role of the partner is central

Time and cost

every Thursday  18:45-19:45
every Tuesday 10:00-11:00

Cost mostly covered by insurance companies

Time and prices
Pakket 1: 189,00  10 sports lessons incl 3 theory lessons of 1,5 hrs (incl. a partner lesson)
Pakket 2: 132,00  10 sport lessons
Pakket 3:   60,00  3x theory lessons (incl 1 partner lesson)

The lessons are given in Dutch, but we do speak English.
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