Sita Willemse

Sita Willemse

Personal trainer / Fitness-coach / Groepsles docent / Coördinator groepslessen

Wacht geen seconde langer! Better call Sita!

About Sita Willemse

My name is Sita Willemse, born in Amsterdam. I have been working in fitness wholeheartedly since 1999. Are you looking for a trainer who motivates, with empathy humor and enthusiasm? Do not wait for a second longer. Better call Sita!

For whom?

With my work as a personal trainer, I help various people achieve their goals. These goals are very diverse; losing weight, becoming fitter, build muscle, gain more energy or (re)gain motivation to exercise.

I help people of all ages, beginners and advanced levels, men and women, from every walk of life. People who are recovering from burnout or an eating disorder or people who are insecure about working out by themselves in a gym. I like to encourage the inexperienced and I see it as my challenge to teach people the joy of working out. Whatever your fitness-goal is; You are welcome and came to the right address.

How does it work?

If you contact me, I will personally meet up with you, without obligation, to get to know you and to gather more information about you. What are your goals? Do you have experience or not? Are there any injuries that I have to take into account? Do you need nutritional advice?

After this, I will create a plan for you to help you reach your goal. Now we can schedule training appointments. During our first training, I want to do some tests and measurements with you, so that I know what your body composition is, how strong you are and how fit you are, to establish a starting point.

Then I make you a training schedule. We will follow this schedule together during our training appointments so that I can help you with improving your technique and increase your self-confidence.

I make sure that you become familiar with the exercises and develop body awareness. Gradually we will increase the intensity of the schedule, on strength- and stamina- level, that depends on your fitness goal.

What to expect?

This depends on your training goal. I always try to take into account the customer's preference. If you do not like running, we will not run in our training sessions, but we will find some other type of cardio that you do like. Because of my years of experience in fitness, but also as a fitness class teacher (spinning, pilates, bootcamp, shape, step, aqua-fitness) I have a large repertoire from which I can draw, so there will be no lack of variation.

Outdoor sports in the park and small group training are also a possibility with me.

What is the price?

You pay € 60.00 (including tax) per training session. If you buy a package of 10 sessions at once (€600,00), you will receive one free training from me.

Feel free to contact me

Sports can do a lot for you, not just for your appearance. It can enrich your life mentally and arm you against stress and setbacks because you become stronger and more confident. I wish that for you. Send me an email at, see you soon!

  • Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA)
  • Fitvak A
  • Fitvak B (specialisaties: obesitas en diabetes)
  • Pilates Trainer
  • AALO Master
  • AALO Manager
  • AALO Presenter
  • AIAN Aerobics-instructeur
  • Spinning: Johnny G / Keiser / HIIT cycling / IC7 / Stages
  • Tredus Aqua instructor
  • Obesitas, Eetverslaving en Gedragsverandering (Start 2 Move)

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