Levi Graham

Levi Graham

Personal trainer / Coach

Two or more persons working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the persons independently

About Levi Graham

“Evoke Excellence, Empower Endeavour”

Physical and mental progression begins from the mind, Levi-Synergy Training & Coaching facilitates that goal. My aim is to EVOKE (re-awaken) and kick start the mental process.

Regardless of fitness level, when working with Levi-Synergy we operate as a team, building towards EXCELLENCE in order to EMPOWER yourself. The strenght and awareness gained gives you a developed sense of ENDEAVOUR (determination) inspiring you to be confident both in the gym and in daily life.

My international work as a dancer / choreographer combined with a passion for fitness and sports, evolved my technical and creative knowledge for a safe and fun training experience.

Custom made exercise programs are designed for you to thrive and excel, paving the way for renewed energy supporting body and mind for a radiant and healthy lifestyle.


Where two or more people work together, to produce a result not obtainable by any of the persons independently. 

Want to know more? http://levi-synergy.com/

  • Aalo Fitness A + B
  • NASM Personal Training
  • Function Trainer
  • B- xtreme trainer
  • Kettlebell level 1
  • Soda - Box and pad training
  • Diabetes training
  • BHV Qualified

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