Laura Bleeker

Laura Bleeker

Personal trainer / Voedingsdeskundige

"Don't diet and exercise, EAT & TRAIN"

About Laura Bleeker


Want to lose weight and become slimmer and stronger? Well, get off that couch but stop with the endless cardio session or with dragging yourself through the park when you actually hate running. And especially stop following all kinds of crazy diet trends that you have read about somewhere online.

If you want to lose weight, the most efficient way is to adjust your nutrition. If you want to become stronger and slimmer (and reduce cellulite!) you will have to do weight training. And no, sorry ladies, bodyshape is not considered weight training. To become fitter, you don´t have to do cardio endlessly.

No idea how to start or haven´t seen results before? I will teach you step by step, I will push you where necessary and I will show you that you are much stronger than you think. We will dive into the powerhouse together or will do a circuit training where we will combine strength and endurance, but we will always start with the basics (technique, breathing and core).

I always try to make you enjoy the training sessions as well, maybe not always when you are in the middle of a challenging set, but definitely afterwards ;). Because if you like something, you will stick with it for longer. And sticking with it is the beginning of achieving results.

Because I am not only a personal trainer but also a nutritionist and lifestyle coach, we will also have a look at nutrition. We will get into as many details as you want or as is necessary to reach your goals. By doing so you will know for sure you will get the best results from your training sessions.

So, if you are:

  • Ready to get real and long-lasting results?
  • Ready to tackle workouts, nutrition and behavior?
  • Wanting to do so with a trainer that pushes you to limits you couldn´t reach yourself?

A trainer that will give you a kick in the ass when necessary but also knows best how to create the best ass! Give me a call or drop me an email!

Laura Bleeker

  • AALO Fitnesstrainer 1 en 2
  • BGN Gewichtsconsulent
  • Master Coaching
  • AALO Master (3)
  • AALO Gewichtsconsulent
  • Krachttraining
  • Small group training
  • Coaching
  • Afvallen, aankomen en gewichtsbeheersing
  • Fitness retreats

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