Klaas Boessenkool

Klaas Boessenkool

Personal trainer / Coach

Vitality is the basis!

About Klaas Boessenkool

Vitality forms the basis within my coaching trajectories. Vital life means a healthy relationship with food, sleep hygiene and sufficient exercise. It also means living in the present, paying attention to your environment and your loved ones, and experiencing happiness and rest every day. In addition, fun, satisfaction and a healthy self-image play an important role. Interventions such as weight loss, smoking cessation, less stress at work and more sports usually succeed, but then the biggest challenge follows, persevering.

Together we look at which interventions for you are manageable and therefore can be sustained.

If you train for a (sports) specific goal or as support for your current sport, we will explore together the fastest and most efficient route.

Sport has been poured in from home, especially with football and cycling at competition level, fanatic freestyle snowboarding and (marathon) running.

  • Vitaliteitscoach module Functioneel Trainen - Chivo Opleidingen
  • Vitaliteitscoach module Functioneel Voeden - Chivo Opleidingen
  • PWT Personal Weight Trainer - Sportpartners United
  • Orthomoleculaire voedingsleer - Sportvasten Opleidingen
  • Johnny G spinning instructor - Spinning®
  • Medical Taping Concept - Fysiotape
  • Master Kettlebell Instructor - Overload Principle
  • TRX Suspension Trainer - Meijers
  • Instructor Fitness A - Fit!Vak

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