Danny van Hijum

Danny van Hijum

Personal trainer / Coach

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About Danny van Hijum

Danny van Hijum has been working for years in the fitness industry as an instructor, personal trainer and small group trainer. He did many sports himself like karate, kickboxing, football, baseball and biking. However, his biggest passion turns out to be weight training. “When I started looking into this, I noticed that a lot of people don´t train in the right way. Technically but also in terms of content, to achieve the goals set by themselves. It is a challenge to teach these people how to train in the right and responsible way.”

Danny is the owner of “Visible Changes” and he has enough expertise to share.

Danny: “My vision for weight training is that you can use it in different parts of your daily life. For example, by sitting down and getting back up, doing the groceries, getting upstairs, lifting stuff etc. I also consider weight training as the perfect supplement for doing other sports such as running, biking or swimming. It is both for men and women effective for when it comes to losing weight or achieving another goal. Everybody can do it and there are so many ways of weight training that it can be challenging for everyone”.

Danny's Do's & Don'ts


  • Ask for guidance
  • Talk with a trainer and let him/her decide what the right way of training is for you
  • Be consistent and don´t give up too early
  • Make sure you like it
  • Take your team to learn everything
  • Make sure you are using the right technique with the right weight


  • Don´t just grab a training from the internet
  • Don´t start without knowing what you´re doing
  • Don´t get hyped up by the people around you
  • Don´t be impatient
  • Don´t take advice from everyone, ask a professional

Danny’s advice for weight training

Do what YOU like! This is so important and by doing so you will never get aversion to your training. Let a trainer guide you and don´t be afraid to ask for advice, that´s what we are for. If you train consistently and responsibly, you will enjoy this lifestyle for a very long time!

  • Fitnesstrainer A en B (Fitvak)
  • Personal Trainer (Fitvak)
  • Medisch Fitness (Sport college)
  • KNKF (Koninklijke Nederlandse Krachtfederatie)

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