Arnoud van Rooij

Arnoud van Rooij

Personal trainer / Fitness-coach

Effectief & efficiënt trainen!

About Arnoud van Rooij

Everyone has a different body, that will react differently on movement, training, nutrition etc. Your training is unique. If you train with me, we will start with an extensive intake and a movement assessment which will be the base for your further training program. My guidance is personal, motivating and always constructive.

During primary and secondary school, I always hated going to physical education classes. We would play football or dodge ball, and I didn’t like it at all. Very few times we would do basketball or baseball, those I did like but I wasn´t very good at them. So, for physical education I would always score a mere “six”, I was participating but not fully. This all changed when I got a teacher that did motivate me and soon after I started to really enjoy physical education classes.

With me, you will learn to train responsibly, effectively and efficiently. Personal contact is thereby decisive to reach your goals. I am experienced in training people without much experience or motivation, with a medical background like rheumatism, HIV or MS, but also with people who have been training for a few years but have reached this ceiling.

Do you want to (learn to) train in the right way and start effectively? Let´s plan a free intake consultation by giving me a call or drop me an email.

  • Fysiotherapeut ProEducation
  • Strength Coach PICP, Poliquin PICP (USA)
  • Fitness Instructeur & Personal Trainer, Fit!Vak
  • Yoga-docent, Svaha-Yoga, Amsterdam
  • TRX Qualified instructor, TRX (USA/NL)

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