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Laura Bleeker



Get Into Your Body

Do not eat and exercise, eat and train!

Showing you that training is fun.
That you don’t have to do cardio for hours to get toned.

Helping you to really reach your goals this time. That’s my drive.

Stop doing endless hours of cardio. Get off that cross trainer.
Don’t compensate (over) eating with sports. Small chance you will reach your goal that way.
To get results, you will need to pick up weights and adjust your food.
Make sure you do something you like doing. It’s much easier to be consistent when you like what you do!

And consistency is the start of getting results. That’s why I believe it’s important that my training makes you feel happy. This might not always be the case during, but it will definitely be after!

Whether your goals are to lose or gain weight or to tone, strength training will always be the essence. My sessions are divers and made to meet your personal goals.
I will teach you the right technique and will show you that you are stronger than you think!
Being fit is inextricably linked to nutrition and since my background as a nutritionist, getting your food on point will also be a part of our journey.

Do you want to lose or gain a few pounds? Have a flatter belly, a round bum or a toned body?

Let's do it!

• Woman only
• Weight training
• Small-group training
• Coaching
• Weight loss, weight gain and weight management
• Sports nutrition
• Fitness retreats