Buy 10 personal training lessons now and get started for 10 weeks with 1 of our personal trainer (HBO trainees)

A personal trainer trains you for an hour, motivates you, corrects you and ensures that you get closer to your goal in 10 weeks. A perfect start for a path in fitness, or an extra kick after months / years of fitness training. This is your chance to score a Personal training package for a floor price.


-member / become a member at Shape-all-in (special introduction contract for 3 months unlimited € 210, – including registration costs)

– Able to train by your self  at least once a week (fitness or group lesson in consultation with the trainer)

What can you expect from the trainer: 

  • Extensive physical intake
  • Determining goal and step-by-step plan
  • 10 training sessions with the trainer
  • personal training schedule for other days
  • online coaching

Buy your package now for just € 179 instead of € 500 here

Not yet a member at shape? Don’t forget to purchase a membership via this link or at the reception!




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