In-Shape fysiotherapie

In-Shape fysiotherapie

Injuries or questions about your health?

On this Health day we give you advice about your complaint and what you can do to be free of complaints as soon as possible.
Come by or book a free appointment for:

  • An injury consultation and advice
  • Condition test, where we measure your fitness and advice
  • Functional Movement Screening Test, read about this and about us more …..

Our (sports) physiotherapy practice is located in the Shape All-in center. We are a young and enthusiastic team that specializes in Sports Physiotherapy, Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Training, Dryneedling, Medical Taping, ZwangerFIT, Oncorevalidation and Sports Massage.

In addition, we have a hands-on and active approach, and personal attention, low threshold, quick appointments and good contact with our physiotherapists are important core values.

What can you expect from us during the Healthday?

We hope that everyone stays healthy, fit and without complaints for as long as possible or that they can continue to practice their sport.

If injuries or physical complaints do occur, we can help you on this day to give advice about your complaint and what you can do about it to be free of complaints again as quickly as possible. On this day we also offer tests to measure how fit you are. Always good to know when you start the new year!

Just walk in or mail us

We offer the following on November 23:

  • A free injury consultation and advice
  • Condition test, where we measure your fitness and advice
  • Functional Movement Screening Test, with this test you get a clear picture of the weak links in your body in terms of stability, strength and flexibility.
  • Very interesting if you practice a lot or get injuries more often and you want to know the cause.

During the health day the (sports) physiotherapists from In-Shape Physiotherapy Robin, Job, Merel, Nynke and Rosa will be ready for all your health and injury questions. During this day we offer you the following activities that you can participate for free:

Injury consultation

If you have been suffering from a physical complaint for some time or have you sustained an injury that does not want to go away? Then you can visit one of our physiotherapists for a screening and advice.

Here we try to investigate your complaint as well as possible and see where the problem comes from. You can also come to us for a second opinion. You do not have to register and you can simply take a seat at our treatment rooms. We will help you soon.

Condition test

For everyone, athlete or non-athlete, we offer the possibility to take a fitness test. This test is taken on the bike and you get a heart rate monitor. After the end of this test we can tell you exactly how fit you are and what your improvement points are.

Super good to know if you have been exercising for a long time, but also if you are not sporty and still want to know how good / bad your condition actually is.

Functional Movement Screening test

A Functional Movement Screening (FMS) is a test to see if you are moving in the right way and detects wrong body movements, injury-sensitive links and asymmetries.

An FMS gives us quick insight into limitations and gives us more clarity about what the right treatment for your complaints is, for example mobilizing or training.

Certain body movements can be corrected based on the test. The purpose of an FMS is simple:

• Preventing injuries among (top) athletes;

• Achieve more efficient training / sports performance.

With a Functional Movement Screening, your stability, mobility, flexibility and strength are measured on the basis of 7 different tests, among other things. Each test taken is assessed with a score, whereby pain, mobility and compensation are taken into account during implementation. For example, weak links in your flexibility can be traced. An FMS consists of the following 7 parts:

• Deep squat;

• Horde step;

• Lunge in one line;

• Shoulder mobility;

• Actively stretch one leg;

• Hull stability (push up);

• Rotational stability