Company fitness

Healthy employees, healthy compagny.

For a long time now, companies have known that employees who play sport are healthier and less likely to be absent from work because of illness and injuries.
Shape all in can provide your employees with targeted coaching, whether at the Shape All In centre or in the workplace. We are also a recognised company-fitness provider.

We would be pleased to arrange a meeting with you to discuss your wishes and what we are able to offer you.

There are several possibilities:  

  • Discounts on membership contracts (more than 20) or use a comagny fitness profider (
  • Fitnessinstructie and/or circuit trainingen at the compagny
  • Outdoor trainingen near your Compagny
  • Group lessons indoor (box-fit, zumba, yoga, essentrics)
  • Specific training for compagny relates blessures (low back, shoulder, neck, arm)
  • Leefstijl challenges to create awareness about moving, eating, metal fitness.
  • Workshops about lifestyle issues

We hope we can tell you more in a personal meeting. Please fill in our webformulier or call Anja Weeda at 0654750183.