Aerial studio Amsterdam

Arial yoga, air yoga, yoga amsterdam, airsport

Shape & Air-sport offers a wide range of Aerial lessons.
As first club in Holland Shape-all-in offers, in the new Aerial studio Amsterdam, all kind of lessons that give you 'wings'.
Aerial Vinyasa yoga, Aerial yin yoga, Aerial Pilates, but also Barre fitness, Pole dance & Pole fitness

All aerial lessons make use of the Aerial fabrics.  The fabrics will be used as support of to make the exercises more intense. 
All teachers are certified  Aerial sports teachers and give the lessons with passion and expertise. 

To participate in the lessons a t-shirt with sleeves and short with legs are a must.

For male & female.
From mindfullness to power.

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Arial yoga, air yoga, yoga amsterdam, airsport

Aerial Vinyasa Yoga:  

Stretch your expectations and strengthen your soul through our inspiring aerial yoga experience.  Discover new ways of flexing both your mind and body.  

Aerial Pilates:

Command your core and balance your body through aerial assisted Pilates.  Learn to master your mind-body mechanics.  

Aerial yin yoga:

Revitalize and recharge through fascia release, gentle stretching and joint decompression. Refresh your body and return to a peaceful mind.

Hitt Yoga :  

Pull, jump, swing and kick your way through this high intensity cardio and strength class.  Burn Calories and build lean toned muscle.  Grab your shoes and take your workout to the max! 

Barre fitness

Barre lessen focussen op het versterken van de spieren, core en balance en het verbeteren van de flexibiliteit. The ballet barre wordt gebruikt om het resultaat te verbeteren.
Een les voor iedereen, voor elk niveau. Een ballet achtergrond is niet nodig. Voor alle oefeningen worden variaties voor elk niveau gegeven.
Het resultaat is een sterk en flexibel lichaam.

Pole fitness

Pole lessons make use of our poles.  You will work with a partner so you can help each other.
Lessons with exercises to improve stretch & flexibility. A total core-body workout. 
Our certified Pole fitness instructors are capable of instructing everybody on her/his level.
So everybody can join the POle fitness lessons.

Pole Dance

This lesson will make you swing with and around the pole.  Zumba on a pole? 
Come and give it a try.